Umbilical Cords began as an idea for a short film.

Living with two other young women in a small flat in Cape Town, the only people to ever call our landline were our mothers, and conversations would stream forth in Mandarin Chinese, Sotho or Spanish.

Despite the different languages, the questions and conversations were the same…

what did you eat today? what are you wearing? is it cold there? are you warm enough? did you sleep enough? what did you do today?

I wondered, beneath the everyday chitchat, how much we really knew about each other’s lives?

I wanted to shoot a ten minute short to look at how mothers and daughters see each other, and if the images we have in our minds bear any correlation to the reality of each other’s lives.

As soon as the interviews began, it became clear that the film was going to carve its own path in our lives.

The film took us on a journey that we could never have imagined, deeper than we would ever have dared to go, transforming our relationships and our lives.

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