Following a successful run at South African and international film festivals, Umbilical Cords is now available on DVD – a perfect gift for family and friends this Christmas.

For private purchase:

If you are in South Africa and would like to buy a copy, DVDs are R150 for one or R250 for two (plus R20 for postage&packaging), and payment can be made via EFT. Send us an email at umbilicalcords@gmail.com to get our bank details, use your name as a reference when paying, and send us your address via email.

If you are outside of South Africa, DVDs are £10 + £1 postage for the UK (£16 + £1 for two DVDs) or $15 + $5 postage for USA and elsewhere ($25 + $5 for two DVDs). Payment can be made through www.paypal.com to the account of umbilicalcords@gmail.com  – you simply need to select ‘buy’, input our email address and follow instructions, then send us an email with your name and postal address.

For purchase by professionals, institutions and organisations:

If you are a professional/institution/organisation that would like to purchase Umbilical Cords for use in a professional setting, such as workshops or public screenings, we charge a different rate. Please get in touch at umbilicalcords@gmail.com for further information, and to authorise any public screenings.

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