Our vision for the film is that it reaches as many people as possible, in a meaningful way. Our hope is that in being touched by the film, people will look into their own lives, and find a path to living healthy relationships.

Please help us to take Umbilical Cords out into the world, and into people’s hearts!

We have begun a fundraising drive to support our alternative distribution and outreach campaign. This involves community and group screenings, with facilitated discussion, to ensure that people can connect with the film and talk about the issues in a safe space. We also hope to develop a DVD resource pack to be used as a tool in counseling. Please consult the testimonials page to see the impact that the film has already had.

Our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo raised $1755! You can check out our success at and see our list of supporters below.

But we’re still in need of funds to make the campaign a reality – you can make a donation at, simply register and make a payment to and the funds will reach us.

Thank you for your generous support!

Our generous indiegogoers are…

David Bitton

Madeline Earp

Isabella Lewis

Andre Marmot

Pete Smith

Hanif Meeran

Natalie Trangmar

Francois Verster

Toby Earp

Katlego Matsila

Dee Tanur

Astrida Grigulis

Leila Johnson

Natasha Dyer

Ian Hogarth

Cinthia Marcelle

Amilcar Patel

Shameela Seedat

Otilia Padua

Marie Boucaud

Amanda Lwin

Nikhil Shah

Malika Worrall

Satyana Institute

Emily Avera

Anh-Thu Ngo

Tom Vogl

Irshad Kathrada

Phillipe Olza

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