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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi

    I work in the field of mental health in communities and would like to access a copy of the documentary. Is it only available on DVD, or is there another way I could watch it and also use it to engage with the communities within which I work? Thanks

  2. Thanks for your comments, and for watching the film. I actually did interview all the mothers about their mothers, the grandmothers in the story, and it was quite revealing but didn’t make the final cut of the film – what was striking was that the mothers had very much been raised in the same way that they had hoped to raise their daughters (i.e. more along traditional lines) but what changed was the context – things have changed so much in the last fifty years that by the time our mothers were raising us, the social environment was so very different, the same parenting tools didn’t seem to fit. And yes, I think you are right regarding the challenges around boyfriends. And finally, on the SAfm phone-in show, many mothers did catch themselves saying the same thing their mothers had.

  3. I saw the documentary last night and I am interested to know if you asked your mother about her own relationship and experiences with her mother (your grandmother)? I am also wondering if you asked her about meeting and dating your father and whether she experienced challenges regarding ‘fitting in’ in the early years of their marriage as they moved around? Is it possible that her own challenges in a mixed-race marriage, lead to her concern about your future and thus her behaviour towards Jean. I don’t think she is right, but maybe her concerns were deeper and more about herself than you?

    Moving forward I think it could be a good idea to interview three generations of women. I sometimes listen to a friend complaining about something their mother said and then thirty minutes later, saying the same thing to their own daughter (and not realising it). Will the daughters in the documentary eventually turn into their mothers when they have their own daughters?

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